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P600 (Grid Connection)

Rated output power: 6000W

Output apparent power: 6000VA

Connecting method: L1/L2/L3/N/PE

Rated voltage: 230V/400V

Voltage range: 185V~285VAC×3

Rated output current: 8.7A×3

Maximum output current: 9.1A×3

Input frequency: 50Hz

Frequency range: 47.5Hz~51.5Hz

EP600 (Off-Grid)

Off-grid rated output power: 6000VA

Off-grid output voltage: 230V/400V

Output current: 8.7A×3

Output frequency: 50Hz

Overload: 9000VA(10s),6600VA(10min)

Protection: Output over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection


Max. input power: 6000W

Number of MPPT channels: 2

Number of access strings per circuit: 1

Max. input voltage: 550V

MPPT voltage range/rated voltage: 150V~500V/360V

Max. input current per MPPT: 12.5A

Max. short-circuit current per MPPT: 15A

MPPT efficiency: 99.90%

Efficiency: 93.6% Peak

Protection: Reverse connection protection, insulation resistance detection

BLUETTI EP600 Energy Storage System

  • Delivery costs are separate and will be confirmed upon purchase.

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